MIXING & Mastering

Melody Vision Studios team in Lahore Pakistan is one of the world’s best with experienced engineers for analogue and digital audio mixing and mastering who well understand your industry standard standards as well as your requirements.

Mixing a song with multi-track projects is a real struggle to prepare your record at best levels for mastering. Only an awesome mix can lead to an excellent master and we have tuned ears, judgement, experience, skills, expertise and latest equipment to get your song at industry standards. Volume levels of each instrument track, inserts, sends, compression, equalization, adjusting lows, highs and mid, gains, applying necessary audio fxs and panning etc… are the factors we work during the mixing process.

While finalizing your Audio mastering, we deeply consider audio defects, detect music genre,  examine BMP, adjusting EQ, applying reasonable compression, adjusting stereo depth, matching against Billboard Hits, applying AI mastering, optimizing CD playback, optimizing broadcast & telecast standards and optimizing online streaming.

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Mixing Mastering Service