Chroma key shooting on green screen

Chroma video or green screen refers to removing the background from your shot and replacing it with another background you like which could be an image or a video that suits the type of footage you shot. A green screen is a single backdrop on which you shoot your footage.

There are plenty of computer-based video editing software available to remove the green background and removing and the background and layering the foreground on a new background refers as Chroma Key but while shooting there are some important key points to be considered, one the color of your clothes must not match with the background or even not a color which may be closer to green and second lighting setup shows everything very clearly in the background or foreground and make sure there are no noticeable shades of colors in the ground or any shadows of the character reflecting on the green screen.

In our studio Melody Vision Studios, we have a full-length and wide green screen installed which also covers the floor which means the character can move around on the green surface and background, so we Chroma key that as well to change the background in a more realistic way showing the character entirely at a different location in an accurate way.

We have a great lighting setup installed that technology provides the best results while shooting videos on a green screen.

We have shot hundreds of green screen videos so far and we also specialize in generating 3D Chroma shots using sliders, and jib during shooting and then using matching background videos of similar perspectives.

Chroma Editing

If you have already shot your green screen video at your end, we also take orders to Chroma key and edit your footage online, you may discuss the details and share your footage details to have a quote.

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