Your video needs storyboard for a good video shoot

To shoot a video of your song, you need a plan that points to the hierarchy of actions in which you will shoot your scenes. A storyboard lets you visualize the flow of your video scenes before you actually shoot the video, doesn’t matter if it is a video of a band or love song that needs some models/ actors to be in it or it may be a religious Nasheed, etc…In a storyboard, you find the details from costume selection, props, location, and many other aspects of the shoot.

Writing Script

Our writer and director listen to your song carefully and visualize the details according to the music, mood, type, genre, and subject of the song

Location Marking

We discuss and suggest you the locations for your video shoot depending on the type of storyboard we created for your song or you may choose to get it shot inside the studio if the song storyboard indicates that.

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