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  • Using FX and Group Tracks in Cubase template

    How may create Cubase 12 Project template professional way

    When you create many FX Tracks and Group tracks in Cubase Project and apply so many effect bundles on many audio and MIDI tracks, your project gets so heavy that it consumes maximum RAM and it may halt your machine. Shahid Raja teaches the techniques to create a successful Cubase template the right way and professionally so your project won't need many system resources.

    Course Outline

    • Introduction
    • Importing Audios
    • FX Tracks
    • Group Tracks
    • Folder Tracks
    • Use plugins as Inserts
    • Use FX tracks as Sends
    • Routing group tracks to a single audio track or a MIDI track
    • Modifying settings according to different vocal tones
    • Apply right scale Auto-Tuner
    • Mixing tracks
    • Panning
    • Upfront main vocals
    • Widening Chorus tracks
    • Vocal harmonies
    • Mixing
    • Mastering

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    Light Weight Cubase 12 Project Template

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