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  • Music Arrangements for your original composition or a cover song

    Musical Arrangement is the creation of music pieces for an existing composition which could be an original composition or extracted from another song that behaves as a cover song.

    Original Musical Arrangements:

    This is a music track created by a musical arranger for an existing composition, all the music pieces including background music, rhythms, bass, chords, bar pieces, counter melodies, and all other music parts are created from scratch according to the scale and selected tempo of the composition.

    Cover Song Musical Arrangements:

    This is also a completely new musical arrangement or sometimes some musical pieces could be similar to the original song. This musical arrangement refers to a cover song, unplugged, remixes or mashups, etc... The same existing composition comes out with new music to give out a new taste of music that could be in trend at that time.

    Our Musical Arrangers

    We are a team of professional musical arrangers who have been producing music for all kinds of songs in many different languages for ages. We keep updating ourselves with the current music industry trends to produce more popular music all the time. Our musicians play keyboards, guitar, accordion, violin, flute, sitar, mandolin, banjo, and many other instruments. Musical Arrangements these days can be recorded using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) accompanied by audio plugins. We also used live instruments specially Flute, Violin, Sitar, and Sarangi as well as the latest VSTs.

    How this works:

    1. You send us your composition and we may need to improve it, we will discuss this with you in detail.
    2. Or you can order us to make a new composition of your lyrics or lyrics from one of our lyricists.
    3. You mention the genre you want in the music track or we can suggest the best for you.
    4. You can ask for any live instruments to be played and recorded.
    5. We complete the musical arrangements for you, and mix and master the music track
    6. if you have recorded your guide vocals, we can fit that in to demonstrate the arrangements or our demo singer can sing your composition.
    7. You can ask for any changes you want until you are fully satisfied.

    Files we provide:

    • Uncompressed WAV File (Mixdown Track)
    • Mp3 320 kbps
    • WAV Bundle of project
    • DAW project File and data folder. We do not provide any VST plugins
    Payment Method:

    • We accept online payment through Payoneer, this method is especially for our international clients. You can simply add the product to the cart to order and you will get further instructions to pay through Payoneer.

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    Musical Arrangements

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