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    An interview recording refers to a recording of a conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee. It can be used for transcription, analysis, and documentation of the interview. Interview recordings can be made using various methods, such as audio or video recording devices.

    at Melody Vision Studios, we have an advanced and modern setup of recording podcasts, interviews, and any type of conversation sessions on both studio setup environment and on a chroma green screen.

    Note: The listed price for this product covers the recording and editing of 10 Minutes of interview sessions.

    How this works:

    1. You book the studio for an interview session recording one week in advance.
    2. A minimum of two cameras are required and ideally, three cameras should be positioned.
    3. Wireless microphones are provided.
    4. A 4K lighting setup is installed in the studio
    5. You can choose from a variety of cameras depending on your budget.
    6. We will provide you with a minimum of ten minutes of finished footage.
    7. Let us know if you need an anchor person.
    Payment Method:

    • You will need to make a payment to our company and not to any person's name.
    • We accept online payment through Payoneer, this method is especially for our international clients. You can simply add the product to the cart to order and you will get further instructions to pay through Payoneer.
    • You can also pay through bank transfer, Western Union, or PayPal if you want to.

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    Podcast/ Interview Recording

    561 Sessions -  ✅

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