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  • Clean and Dry Vocal recording

    Vocal Recordings at our studio

    A good vocal recording depends on many factors such as the type and quality of microphone you are using, the acoustic treatment of the recording room, your own practice of producing vocals, warming up your vocal cords and what time of the day you have booked the studio for recording your vocals, etc…

    In Melody Vision Studios, Lahore, we have fully facilitated and professional arrangements, equipment, and environment available for successful dry vocals.

    We use highly professional phantom microphones in a fully acoustically treated recording room and the area is fully soundproof as well. If you need a vocal/ music director during the session, we provide that for free. We recommend not recording your vocals for more than three to four hours a day.

    You can book your recording shift at our studio at least three days prior to the day you have planned for recording.

    The charges you see in this product are only for recording dry vocals at the studio and we will provide you with the following file formats.

    • Uncompressed WAV file, 48 kHz on a USB storage device as well as in the email.

    If you also need other services that will cost you additionally, here are these;

    • Vocal Editing and treatment
    • Vocal Tuning with Melodyne
    • Vocal Harmonies
    • Vocal Choruses
    • Vocal Modeling
    • Vocal Stems

    Vocal Recordings at your end

    How this works:

    You record the vocals at your end and send us uncompressed WAV files of all the takes or the finalized takes via email "info@melodyvisionstudios.com", we will do vocal editing, treatment, tuning, and any further manipulation as required, charges can be discussed as custom work. We love to provide you with the best assistance we can on how to record clean and dry vocals at home.

    Payment Method:

    • We accept online payment through Payoneer, this method is especially for our international clients. You can simply add the product to the cart to order and you will get further instructions to pay through Payoneer.

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    Vocal Recording with professional phantom microphones

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