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  • Manual Vocal tuning with Melodyne and Auto-Tune

    Vocal Editing, Tuning, and Treatment

    If you have recorded your vocals at your end and vocals sound unbalanced, out of beat at some places, and de-tuned at many notes, this is the service you need. Just send us your vocal files (Preferable WAV files) and we will edit your vocals to beat, do the gain staging to volume balance every part of your vocals, will do the noise reduction, remove distortions, de-breath it and finally, we will tune your vocal's every single note to get it sound perfect within the scale you sang in, We will also make vocal tone according to your song genre. These charges apply to up to four vocal tracks maximum.

    Are you ready to read some of the customer comments for use on YouTube? here is the link;


    How this works:

    • You record your vocals either at your end or book our studio shift
    • We will select the best takes parts our of the maximum four takes you recorded
    • We will edit the vocal to beat, and re-shape the vocal according to the best performance you expect
    • We will tune your vocal's every single note to the scale and model the vocal tone according to the genre of the song
    • You will get the final edited WAV file, 48 kHz, 24 Sample Rate on a USB storage device.

    Payment Method:

    • We accept online payment through Payoneer, this method is especially for our international clients. You can simply add the product to the cart to order and you will get further instructions to pay through Payoneer.

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    Vocal Editing, Tuning and Treatment

    • Product Code: VOCAL-TUNING
    • $60.00

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